Importance Of The Place, Path And Pace

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This article is written with the sole aim of waking our consciousness to the importance of identifying “the place, path and pace” If we must trail new blazes as youths of this generation.

A Youth that knows or is conscious of the importance of these three words “The place, path and pace” tends to lead for others to follow. Do not be an expectator in this journey of life… I charge you to be a youth that is passionate about your future, a youth that strives to fulfill destiny, a youth that looks at issues holistically and rather than sit back to complain and nag, craves to make a difference and bring out the light out of every dark situation. Identify it, clear it, and set it!!!

You need to identify where you are heading, it may be a particular goal, a specific destination, an ideal target to strive for, or a vision of the future state that you wish to achieve regardless of what the place is you need to identify it. Lack of identity will result to waste of time and resources; it will make you wander aimlessly with end result of regrets. Haven’t identified the place, take it a step further to the “how” which is the path…. At this juncture it is expected of you to start strategizing on how to achieve that desired vision, passion or goal. You start analyzing the tactics to deploy to get to your desired destination.

Clarify roles and responsibilities, and monitor progress along the way, be specific, focused and futuristic. Your passion to setting a pace will lead you to doing the right things and taking the right actions. Be sure that setting the right pace needs good judgment and discernment.

So as a youth that desire to make a difference, and wishes to set a pace get these three steps right and allow your passion to drive you, because your passion will set you on motion towards the steps that will aid you in achieving your ultimate or said goals…